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martinko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> thanks!
> i've just installed it and it run w/o config file but since i copied the
> sample config file to ~/.conkyrc it crashes with segmentation fault. :-(
> i'll try to investigate tmrw or so what options if any makes it unhappy.
> the crash shouldn't happen, though, of course.

the default config is a linux one. It uses mpd variables (disabled by config)
and port_monitor (also disabled - cannot compile w/this under freebsd).

once that was removed, it works . Not as stable as torsmo,i think (could be
due to some of the options I use? including execbar). It crashes every so often,
so i run it from within a script like this:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] [Tue May 16 15:57:47 2006]
$ cat bin/loop_conky.sh

# This script is a hack to keep conky running...it likes to die for no
apparently good reason

while true ; do
   # make sure we are still running within an X session
   X=`ps xa | egrep '\.[0-9][0-9]\ xfdesktop --display'`
   if [ "$X" = "" ] ; then
   L=`ps xa | egrep  '\.[0-9][0-9]\ conky'`
   if [ "$L" = "" ] ; then
      echo "=== Restarting conky `date` ==="
      nohup conky &

  sleep 20

I have had to remove the network graphs, as it seems to just core dump and NOT
want to start up again if they are enabled.... then it starts working just fine
again. no idea what the problem is.

I'm running 6.1 from 14/05/2006, XFCE4, Xorg 6.9.03. Also running gkrellm2 and
it has no problems reporting (neither did torsmo) (conky was tested by itself,
without gkrellm in memory)

I can provide my config if anyone wants.
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