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> I have an older 440MX based laptop that I'm fairly sure FreeBSD won't > like, I don't want to run windows on this box... so I'm looking for a
> Linux distro that has a ports like system.
> I need KDE, X.org, and a 2.6 kernel installed by default... dammit... > I don't want to #$%! with Linux, maybe I'll give FreeBSD another try
> first, anyways, thanks for the suggestions guys.

I've heard that Gentoo's package management system "Portage" is
inspired by FreeBSDs ports, but I believe it's a bit of work to
install and compile a working system.

I've been using Debian based Kubuntu on my laptop, and find the
package management excellent. The installation and maintenance is
easy.  It's my choice when I want to install and go.

Thanks, I didn't know Kubuntu / Ubuntu was Debian based. I like Debian
but the distribution always seems to be stuck in last year, It's still
using a 2.4 kernel, XFree86, and KDE 3.3!

Anyways, Kubuntu 6.06 Beta2 appears to meet most of my requirements so
I'll give it a whirl.

I like it. They do keep quite up to date. It is geared for the masses and as such there will be some stuff you don't need but it works on my sons PIII 450 with 6GB hard disk and 256MB RAM and the Install is easy and painless.

(If you need a really trim system you can do a server install and then install KDE separately, then you'll bypass the Kubuntu value added features)

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