On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, edifice wrote:
> Subject: How to see bootloader menu name correct?
> Dear All,
> I install Win2000 and FreeBSD on my machine. When boot, it display:
> F1: ??
> F3: ??
> F4: FreeBSD
> How to make the F1 correctly display the name "Windows 2000"?
> Best Regards,
> Edifice
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> edifice <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

I believe the FreeBSD bootloader gets it's Fn labels by reading the 
filesystem type of the partitions, and in your case you get ???s because 
it doesn't know anything about NTFS. You may be out of luck, unless you 
want to hack the FreeBSD bootloader and submmit it back to the project :)

Seriously though, nobody seems too interested in fixing this issue, 
understandably. You can still boot ok, correct? Perhaps you could try 
another bootloader? Be warned that fiddling with your bootloader can have 
dire consequences for your system...


#  John Bleichert 
#  http://vonbek.dhs.org/latest.jpg

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