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If it's the right type of driver, the megarc port might be helpful.
Works on our Dells.

This was a huge help! Worked on both boxes, the FreeBSD box and the linux box. Fantastic suggestion, thank you!

DRAC is irrelevant to FreeBSD.  Configure it in the BIOS (give it an
IP and the like) and you can use a web browser to get a console window.
(True console, so that you can access the BIOS during boot and

I can configure an IP address on the BMC, but that's obviously different than the DRAC. Before, when I tried to configure an IP on the BMC, I couldn't see any IP info for it at all in the system. Couldn't ping it, couldn't see a mac address for it, nothing so I wasn't sure if the BMC networking portion would work without the DRAC or not.

Install ipmitool and use it to access IPMI over the network.

I tried that too, but based on above, I couldn't get the BMC to be seen on the network.

We have a central machine that monitors all our servers via a Nagios
plugin to ipmitool.  I can't offer any advice on getting OpenIPMI

Is there a particular benefit to OpenIPMI vs. FreeIPMI? I know the latter is all in userland as opposed to OpenIPMI which is partly comprised of kernel modules (or is that just in Linux land?)

DRAC and IPMI are completely seperate. There is some overlap, for example both DRAC and IPMI can be used to monitor sensors and reboot the hardware.

DRAC is nice in that it gives you a spiffy web interface, as well as the whole console over IP thing. IPMI is nice because it's a standard that
can be programmed to, with ipmitool, for example.

I'm still a little fuzzy on the IP capabilities of IPMI vs DRAC.

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