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I am attempting to use IPFW (and either IPNAT or natd) to do the following:

I have two connections to the outside world coming in to my firewall.
em0 has a static ip and is going to a bridged DSL connection, then
bge1 has a static ip and is going to a a few bonded DS1s. bge0 goes to
my internal network. I am attempting to have NAT on both external
interfaces, and have most outbound traffic move across bge1, while
traffic from/to a particular internal system (We'll call it
internal_system for purposes of this message) to/from a particular
remote  system (This we'll call remote_system) port 80 moves across
the DSL line on em0.

It was a situation similar to this that made me switch to pf. The NAT
features available to IPFW (at least in the past) are/were pretty
limited. If you are not committed to IPFW I would strongly recommend

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