martinko wrote:
Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
martinko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
if i scroll my mouse wheel too fast, i'm suddenly moving in history
instead of scrolling the page. one quick finger movement is enough to
trigger this. very annoying.
Here's an entry in Novell's bugzilla for a similar issue in Linux:

I believe the information is equally applicable to FreeBSD.  To
translate and summarize, ums(4) needs to learn to distinguish between
IntelliMouse and IntelliMouse Explorer, becaue they have slightly
different protocols; moused(8) already knows about this and handles it
correctly, but only for PS/2 mice.



i'm not quite sure this is the source of my issue as i have no an
intellimouse (pls see my original message).

Not sure if this issue has been worked out yet on your end, but if you're speaking strictly of firefox you can open up a browser window, type in about:config in the browser location bar, then type in "middle" for your filter, find the option that says loadContentURL and set it to false. It's an annoying setting for all X11 people (since middle mouse button stuff is devoted as pasting for some odd reason), but I guess that was thought to be a useful option by the Mozilla people for some odd reason. Turning it off will disable the seemingly random google searching/url loading. Also, the ZAxismapping thing helps define layout for the mouse buttons. Depending on what order you choose, your behavior of your mouse will differ. Loading up xev will help you "catch" events for your mouse and determine what button is what on your intellimouse, then properly map the buttons to match any desired behavior you have. For instance, I have a 5 button intellimouse right now and the button mapping in Gentoo for ZAxisMapping is "4 5"; however, when I did have a 7 button intellimouse, the AFAIK the line was for ZAxisMapping was "6 7 4 5". The protocol used in xorg.conf for both cases is "ExplorerPS/2", because the other protocol mappings did not work as well for me for some odd reason. These ZAxisMapping settings combined with xmodmap and the imwheel daemon, a third-party program for capturing mouse events (which is only required in Linux and not FreeBSD IIRC), allows me to use the forward and back buttons in firefox and thunderbird, which is all of the functionality that I really want with my extra mouse buttons. There are plenty of documents out there to help you configure your intellimouse, mostly in the Gentoo world because it seems like more of that crowd has had problems with setting up their intellimice ;). Please note that not all items in howtos and help documents will apply to FreeBSD if you look at Gentoo items though...
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