I've just fought my way through the logo discussion of the past few
days.  Here's my impression in a nutshell:

- I don't like the logo either.
- I don't spend all my time bitching about it.
- I don't discuss it in violation of list charter on a mailing list
  intended for technical questions.
- I don't understand why people who don't contribute to the project
  think they have a right to choose a project logo.
- I used to answer many questions on this mailing list.  Recently
  people have been hijacking it for purposes of penis size
  comparison.  This doesn't make me feel very inclined to answer
  messages on the list, and it shows.

So, people, how about sticking to the charter and discussing technical
things on this list?  If you want to discuss the logo, join the
advocacy@ mailing list and discuss things there, where you're not
annoying the majority of the subscribers.  Then I and others like me
might find more time to answer questions.

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