In the last episode (Jan 01), lewiz said:
> At the login: prompt I enter my username (lewiz), hit return and get
> nothing for a while until:
> yp_order: clnt_call: RPC: Timed out
> This message gets repeated a few times but I can do pretty much
> nothing with my machine.
>   Even as I log in as a local user (say root) I get past entering my
> password, at which point I get the same message.  I can't understand
> why this happens.
>   Update here: I've just sat and watched it a bit longer.  I only get
> one repetition of this message with root, after which it allows me to
> login as per usual.  Still, this seems odd because root has nothing
> to do with the YP/NIS configuration, does it?

Hit ^T during the pause and find out what program is hanging.  You
probably have a command in your shell's startup script that is trying
to resolve an NIS username.
        Dan Nelson

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