Hey everyone,

I downloaded FreeBSD 6.1 yesterday, ensured the checksum was correct,
and promptly expanded the ISO onto a CD.

After seemingly successfully installing it onto a box (I have several
other of these exact machines running 5 and 6.0), after reboot, it
claims it can't find the kernel. I've ls'd pretty much all of the
directories on the hard disk, and sure enough, it doesn't appear the
kernel was installed. (I performed the install 4 times to be sure).

The only really relevant thing I found whilst searching was this:


...however, to my best knowledge, I did only do a minimum install.

Again, the setup is exactly the same as several other machines, I can
provide details if they may help. One thing that may be relevant is that
I'm running with the 'ar' driver for a Promise RAID-1 config. Again,
this setup works with the exact same installation technique under 6.

I'm going to continue to play around, but if anyone has any clues, they
would be much appreciated.



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