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> > After seemingly successfully installing it onto a box (I
> have several
> > other of these exact machines running 5 and 6.0), after reboot, it 
> > claims it can't find the kernel. I've ls'd pretty much all of the 
> > directories on the hard disk, and sure enough, it doesn't
> appear the
> > kernel was installed. (I performed the install 4 times to be sure).
> > 
> That happened to me the first time, but worked the second time and I 
> knew the second install was different than the first install for I was

> all of a sudden presented with single gui "install-questions"
> regarding users, and stuff like that.  Not what I did different the 
> second time other than resize the partitions by a slight amount to 
> ensure that nothing from the previous install was used, even a 
> previously formatted partition.

Thanks for the reply.

Interesting, prior to this release, I just breezed through the screens
after selecting standard install, and it must of always selected a
minimal install by default without any interaction.

Prior, I would not install any distribution sets, ports or the like
until after the reboot.

In 6.1, I actually had to scroll down and select minimal install. I find
it strange that it wouldn't install the 'bare minimum' by default,
without having to select the 'minimum' entry.

Anyway, I'm all up and running now.



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