At 12:29 17.05.2006, David Stanford wrote:

Maybe I'm confused as to what you're looking to do. If you're looking to
copy data from (or all of) /home to /var, it obviously won't be able to hold
anymore than 248MB; and it seems like you have much more data than that.

And avoiding the /usr slice won't help with upgrading as you will need to
reinstall a new /usr slice anyway using the 6.1-RELEASE disc. Much of the
system is located in /usr...

If you have more than 248MB worth of data you need to save, and upgrading is
absolutely necessary, I would suggest just ponying up the $40.00 and getting
an external hard drive to back up the data. Then do a fresh install.

I don't know where /var got into the picture, but what I'm trying to do is to
reinstall FreeBSD while keeping /usr/home/awad on ad4s1f intact. All files
and folders except /usr/home/awad I will have deleted manually.

I wonder if this is possible ...

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