Andy Greenwood wrote:

I am helping someone work on porting some code to Freebsd, and the
code below works on Linux, but not on FreeBSD (compiles, but gives
Segmentation Fault: 11). I'm not sure where the problem is, and any
pointers would be much appreciated.

       /* Check if we must stop */
       if(tf_stat_file != NULL)
           tf_stat = fopen(tf_stat_file, "r");
           if (tf_stat != NULL)
               /* Get state */

               /* Torrentflux asked to shutdown the torrent */
               if (stat_state == '0')
                   mustDie = 1;

I think I would move the
   fclose( tf_stat)
up a line. No need to close a file that failed to open. The fclose( ) acting on
a NULL pointer might be your error.

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