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> > 
> > Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
> > Hi there, I'm Dean Darmawan and still 18y/o. Well, i get interested with 
> > Fedora 5, but the main problem are "can this distro Linux recognize my 
> > internal modem 56k that I ussally use to get connected to the Internet?" 
> > For that kind of reason, i got confuse and step back!! My modem now is 
> > D-Link DFM-562IS HSFi PCI Modem. Thanx, best regard.

Here is a starter for you in regards to "Linux" and hardware
compatibility.  There used to be another list way back when that I
can't find now.

We used to all be glued to the modem compatibility lists and alot of
us found safe haven by getting (the now cheap) "external" modems.
Here are some examples.

(Excuse me for being long winded on this, I did tech support for
Linuxcare for close to 5 years.)

Bill Schoolcraft |
"If your life was full of nothing but
sunshine, you would just be a desert."

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