At 20:21 17.05.2006, Jerry McAllister wrote:
> Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
> Hi there, I'm Dean Darmawan and still 18y/o. Well, i get interested with
> Fedora 5, but the main problem are "can this distro Linux recognize my
> internal modem 56k that I ussally use to get connected to the Internet?"
> For that kind of reason, i got confuse and step back!! My modem now is
> D-Link DFM-562IS HSFi PCI Modem. Thanx, best regard.

The first thing you need to realize it that FreeBSD is not LINUX or
any flavor or 'distro' of LINUX.  FreeBSD is a complete operating
system that had its birthing in the BSD (Berkley) UNIX in the wee
early days of UNIX.   Check on the  web site
for more information.

Second, FreeBSD is a complete OS and as such can talk to modems and nic
cards, and most other peripherals.   The information is on the FreeBSD
web site.

FreeBSD is a superior free UNIX.  It takes  a little extra time to
learn, but is worth the effort.  Enjoy learning and using FreeBSD.


Jerry, did you expect to be understood? :)

Mr. Dean's skills in English is yet not that great.

The information you provided him with is something he will naturally
pick up at a time where he is able to understand. Just saying something
like `yes' would suffice. In his case to make him check out FreeBSD,
which is the best we can currently hope for.

All the best,

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