# [EMAIL PROTECTED] / 2002-12-31 01:35:06 -0500:
> "Brian" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > BTW I'd love to see sendmail and named removed from the installs and
> > moved to ports/packages only.
> Lots of people say that, but no one's done the work yet.  It's a
> *huge* amount of work, if you think about it:  being able to deliver
> daily reports is a critical function,

    "Warning: you *must* install an MTA for the system to function
    properly! Take a look at /usr/ports/mail." :)

> and while most systems don't need named, other essential resolver
> tools can't be easily separated from the rest of BIND.

    "other essential resolver tools"... what are they? are you talking
    about dig and other commad line tools, or the library?

    DJB has released his resolver library into public domain, and it's
    easily separated from the rest of djbdns. :) Maybe that could help
    the issue? :)

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