I have recently upgraded to RELENG_6_1 and have attempted a portupgrade
on all ports since the upgrade so that new libs, etc. are being used
with the installed ports.  When it *finally* finished I saw that 9 ports
were not upgraded due to various reasons but because I did this from the
command line I couldn't scroll up to see what 9 ports failed.

Is it possible to determine which ports weren't upgraded so I can deal
with them manually or is it possible to show the install date for all
ports?  If I can pull the install date for all of them I can see which
ones are older than today and deal with them individually. I looked at
the man page for pkg_info to see if there was anything I could do there
to list the installed ports along with an installation date but I didn't
see anything.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

Jeff Cross
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