I'm trying FreeBSD as a PPPoE client for my ADSL connection. Setup was
great, but I'm finding that when I lose a connection (troubles with my
isp), the ppp command does not return like I would like it to.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# ppp -foreground -nat storm
Working in foreground mode
Using interface: tun0
tun0: Command: default: set ifaddr
tun0: ID0: 0x282eed00 = fopen("/etc/ppp/ppp.conf", "r")
tun0: Debug: ReadSystem: Checking storm (/etc/ppp/ppp.conf).
tun0: Command: storm: nat enable yes
tun0: Command: storm: set device PPPOE:fxp0
tun0: Command: storm: set authname [EMAIL PROTECTED]
tun0: Command: storm: set authkey ********
tun0: Command: storm: set dial
tun0: Command: storm: set login
tun0: Command: storm: add default HISADDR
tun0: ID0: 9 = socket(17, 3, 0)
tun0: ID0: -1 = write(9, data, 140)
tun0: TCP/IP: rt_Set failure:
tun0: TCP/IP: rt_Set:  Cmd = Add
tun0: TCP/IP: rt_Set:  Dst =
tun0: TCP/IP: rt_Set:  Gateway =
tun0: Debug: wrote -1: cmd = Add, dst =, gateway =

I just found the connection down because my modem lost sync, and the
client didn't return. I was hoping that it would return so that I
could script the client such that it would always retry, via supervise
or runit.

Any ideas?

Michael P. Soulier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a
touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."
--Albert Einstein
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