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Jeff Cross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I have recently upgraded to RELENG_6_1 and have attempted a portupgrade
> on all ports since the upgrade so that new libs, etc. are being used
> with the installed ports.  When it *finally* finished I saw that 9 ports
> were not upgraded due to various reasons but because I did this from the
> command line I couldn't scroll up to see what 9 ports failed.

Take a look at using "script" to log the output (man 1 script).  It
is started before running the process you want to log:

        script /path/to/logfile

Then the process (portupgrade in this case) is ran to completion.
Just type "exit" after it is finished to end the "script" logging.

> Is it possible to determine which ports weren't upgraded so I can deal
> with them manually or is it possible to show the install date for all
> ports?  If I can pull the install date for all of them I can see which
> ones are older than today and deal with them individually. I looked at
> the man page for pkg_info to see if there was anything I could do there
> to list the installed ports along with an installation date but I didn't
> see anything.

Another way to determine which ports need updated that has not been
mentioned is:

        portversion -vL=

Instead of looking at timestamps for the last install/update
it would probably be easier to just run "portupgrade -a" using
"script" to recreate a log.  Doing this will provide you with logs
of any failures as well as a list of any failures.  Its the
information in those logs that will be most helpful in resolving
problems and is also the information others would need to see if
you needed additional help.

HTH a bit,


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