Hi Laszlo,

No bugs; I think this is normal.  Both the BIOS and the OS are only
going to see the blocks the hard drive thinks are useable.
Bad sector information is also stored on the disk, and only the OS can interpret this information. Or is it possible that the manufacturer produces the hard drive first, then measures its real capacity and finally burns this info into a flash memory on the drive? :-)
Even though
the drive geometry is "fictitious", most people still recommend defining
your slices to begin and end on cylinder boundaries.  I assume this
makes accessing blocks in the slice a few nanoseconds faster, but I'm
actually not sure.  Perhaps someone on the list knows more detail.  In
any case, if you do this for as10s1 gmirror will replicate this property
to the other disk.  You'll also most likely have a few blocks left over.
As for units of MB, I'm not sure.  Could be rounding.

Can we assume your gmirror is now working?
Oh yes, it is working.
I do not care about that one lost MB. The lesson of the story: I'll leave 10MB empty space at the end of the disk whenever I need to use gmirror.
Thank you for your help! :-)


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