Dear group,

I am struggling with attaching a sixteen port serial USB box to a FreeBSD RC6.1-RC1 installation. The box in question is a VScom USB-16COM-RM ( which has a FT2232L chipset (which is the same as the FT2232C but without lead). I confirmed the chipset by opening the box and looking for it. According to the docs the uftdi driver supports this chipset and presents it to ucom. It should then be available as a /dev/cuaU? file. As a test a attached a modem to the serial port of the machine and established that I could communicate with it on 57600 baud 8N1 hardware flow control, however if I try using those settings on any of the /dev/cuaU ports (0-15) it just doesnt work. Some communication is happening thought since on some ports I see the typical garbage of an incorrect setting (there is other equipment connected to it than the modem) Does anyone have any suggestions? The devices ucom0-15 are nicely discovered when the device is plugged in. Are there some caveats I don't know about? Or maybe I shouldn't access it through /dev/cuaU?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Eric Loos
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