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Enable echo so ppp will know when the other peer is down, and then will act
as you tell it to. I think enabling echo and -ddial mode will be fine, no need 
scripting, but anyways the recommended way of interacting with ppp(8) is

from ppp man:

             This mode is equivalent to -auto mode except that ppp will bring
             the link back up any time it is dropped for any reason.

             Default: Disabled.  When this option is enabled, ppp will send
             LCP ECHO requests to the peer at the frequency defined by
             echoperiod''.  Note, LQR requests will supersede LCP ECHO
             requests if enabled and negotiated.  See set lqrperiod'' below
             for details.

             Prior to ppp version 3.4.2, echo'' was considered enabled if
             lqr was enabled and negotiated, otherwise it was considered dis-
             abled.  For the same behaviour, it is now necessary to enable
             lqr echo'' rather than just enable lqr''.

I'll try this, thanks.

I've noticed that when I drop ppp, the tun0 seems to hang on a bit. If
I restart too quickly, I get a tun1. The ifconfig command will not
permit me to destroy tun0 either, so I wait for a little while before
bringing it back up again.

Any idea why?


P.S. The help from this list makes all of the difference when deciding
which OS to use.
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