Lennon Cook wrote:
I am attempting to have two ports (java/kaffe and java/jdk15)
installed side-by-side. This means installing one of them into a
different prefix, because they both install several files with the
same name (specifically, java{,c,h,doc} and possibly others). At this
point, I would prefer to do this with kaffe if it is possible. I have
attempted to do this by 'pkg_add -p /opt/kaffe -r kaffe', but this
didn't work: the 'kaffe' binary is installed into /usr/local/bin, and
the various files with conflicting names remain the Sun versions. So,
I tried 'cd /usr/ports/java/kaffe ; prefix=/opt/kaffe make install
clean' , which gave me exactly the same results.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong here?

make PREFIX="/usr/local/lib/" install clean

If you ever deinstall, you will have to:

make PREFIX="/usr/local/lib/" deinstall clean

as well.  And if you try to:

make install clean

the system will complain that it's already installed in a different location. And if you try to:

make deinstall clean

it will tell you that it's not installed there.

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