Lennon Cook wrote:

Paul Schmehl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
make PREFIX="/usr/local/lib/" install clean
Thank you, this works well. :)
Although, doing 'make PREFIX=/opt/kaffe install clean' still installs
kaffe, kaffeh, and kaffe-bin into /usr/local/bin (aswell as installing
everything - including these files - except kaffe-bin into the proper
locations in /opt/kaffe).
Is this normal behavior, or is this a weird port?

Perhaps those were left over from a previous install? When you redefine PREFIX, that should affect everything in the port that is installed. For example, the normal PREFIX is /usr/local/, so docs are installed in /usr/loca/share/doc/portname. If you redefine PREFIX to /opt/kaffee, docs should be installed in /opt/kaffee/share/docs/portname.

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