Don O'Neil wrote:
A customer of mine recently had their web site hacked and the index file
defaced by Milli-Harekat...

Does anyone know the exploit used for this and where to find out about
fixing it? I have a feeling it's a brute force attack of some sort, but I
can't find anything.

What makes you think it was a BF attack?  IANAE, but looking over
a list of exploits, I see a fairly large number against PHP pages
and the like, including what appears to be HTML URI injection by means
of a semicolon and HTTP 'meta-refresh' tag; so, I'd starting looking
for insecure server-side scripting, especially in the absence of any
evidence of compromise of the machine itself.

Of course, "compromise of the machine itself" is a whole 'nother
"ball of wax".  You've my sympathies either way.

Kevin Kinsey
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