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On Thu, 18 May 2006 22:09:50 -0400
Jason Lixfeld <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Do you have ucom device in your kernel?


# egrep "ugen|ucom" /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf/RICKY
device          ugen            # Generic
device          ucom

after you plug it in,  have you got any /dev/cua* ?


# ls -al /dev/cuad0
crw-rw----  1 uucp  dialer    0,  40 May 18 22:04 /dev/cuad0

But it is there regardless as to whether or not the adapter is plugged in.

Hi Jason,

Be careful, because the first adapter I received was actually faulty.
The light would go on and the device would show up in my USB device
tree. But it would not work. After a few talks with Keyspan's support,
they had to send me a new one for it to work. The whole process was
free of charge.

I would suggest you try the adapter on a MacOS X or Windows machine
along with the software that shipped with it just to make sure it
behaves as intended. Assuming you do have a Mac or a Win machine handy
of course.

I've had this adapter for years and it works fine in Mac OS X. I just tested it in another identical machine running Gentoo with a 2.6 kernel and it works fine there too.

I can freely move it between Mac OS X and Linux without issue, but as soon as I move it back to FreeBSD, it goes dead again.

It's not the USB ports because I can connect a USB keyboard and/or mouse into any of the other USB ports on that machine and they work fine.

FYI: I use this adapter on MacOS X laptop to access the console of
FreeBSD, RedHat and Sun Microsystems machine. It works like a charm.

Good luck,


David Robillard
UNIX systems administrator
Sun Certified Security Admin
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