> I've been upgrading to the latest Apache & PHP versions, but seem to
> be unable to get PHP to work again.  The crux of the problem is that
> mod_php5 has no makefile and seems to be eternally stuck building,
> even after updating the whole collection:

mod_php5 is dead.  It would be gone in your last cvsup, but because you
had an old work directory there from the last time you built it, the system
didn't delete the directory.

What you should do:

   i) Read /usr/ports/UPDATING -- OK, not necessarily *all* of it,
      but certainly the section dated 20060506 and addressed to 'users
      of PHP'

  ii) Follow the instructions there.  You might find it useful to run:

    portupgrade -f -o lang/php5 mod_php5-{version.number}

      (if you're a portupgrade fan) but do the 'make config' thing in
      lang/php5 *first*.



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