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> Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 21:49:04 -0800
> From: paul beard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: recording audio with SoundBlaster Live/pcm cards: has anyone
>     tried this? 
> I have been working on recording vinyl LPs to digital files but 
> have run into a problem. It turns out I misread the cryptic runes 
> on the back of the sound card and was actually recording through 
> the mic jack. It worked as far as I could tell -- I got sound -- 
> but I now have audio that sounds suspiciously like mono.
> So after tracking down the manual for the card (an SB Live! Gamer 
> or Platinum w/o the Live drive), I am now using the line in and 
> running the audio through an stereo receiver. But now nothing 
> registers on the level indicators in gramofile.
> According to Creative's open source site, audio in and out is 
> supported, but there's "supported" and "proven to work." Anyone 
> have any experience with this or troubleshooting ideas I should be 
> aware of?
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I do a *lot* of recording with my SBLive! card and FreeBSD. It's all 
guitar and drum machine through a 4-track, plugged into my sound card. The 
trick with the line-in (at least on my rig) was that the input volume on 
that channel was zero by default. I use the 4-track to do a little pre-mix 
before recording.

I found that if I pull up an audio mixer (kmix, since I use KDE) I can 
bring the level up on line-in just fine. However, I have found that for 
certain tracks the mic input is better, although I have to bring the input 
gain down with kmix. Also, if you need to 'clean up' your recordings to 
get the 'eggs-frying' noise out of the mix (all my vinyl has it :), 
Audacity has great noise filters and it's in the ports collection.


PS: If you want to carry on this discussion and feel it too off-topic, 
feel free to contact me off-list.

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