Peter Michaux wrote:

I just installed FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE for i386 [1]. I selected the
X-User install and (I think) all the defaults along the way. The only
port I added was Ruby. I can log in as "root" or as "peter" and make
and run a little ruby script.

When I type "startx" I see an error which i have retyped below Evaluated 24 rules with 0 errors Weight of result is 500
New driver is "ati"
(==) Using default built-in configuration (53 lines)
(EE) Failed to load module "fbdev" (module does not exist, 0)
(EE) <default pointer>: Cannot find which device to use
(EE) xf860OpenSerial: No Device Specified
(EE) PreInit failed for input device "<default pointer>"
No core Pointer

Fatal server error:
failed to initalize core devices

Install a mouse.  "Core pointer" not found error means,
"where's my mouse?"

Notwithstanding that, you might remove the mouse section
from your xorg configuration file and get by, although
in some X environments there's little point in running
X unless you have a mouse.

Ah, wait a minute.  You have no configuration file;
"using built-in".  So, get a mouse ;-)

Actually, it seems logical there *should* be one.
What does dmesg(8) say in regard to this?  Can
you run moused(8)?  What hardware is this, anyway?

and them more stuff

Where did I go wrong with my install choices?

Don't know that you did, unless you forgot to
plug in the mouse ;-)

When Xwindows starts will it boot into Gnome or KDE? If not, what?

Have you installed Gnome or KDE?  If not, you'll get twm.

Kevin Kinsey

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