well, my FreeBSD desktop just had a disk failure, and i am right now in
the middle of building a new system from scratch.  i thought i was so cool
with my smokin fast SCSI RAID0!  at this moment, im not feeling quite as
cool :)

one of the things that im regretting more than others, is the loss of my
email that was in my homedir.  during the day, i read my inbox on my
server via squirrelmail, but when i get home in the evenings, i pop it
down and use my local email client (kontact) while im at home.

is there an email solution that employs some kind of database that stores
mail for long term?  id rather not turn on "leave a copy on the server" as
this has shown to give poorer and poorer performance over time for me.

welp, im off to build world,

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