At 21:11 18.05.2006, Lorin Lund wrote:
Kyrre Nygard wrote:


I have this nice renaming script here.
It sanitizes badly named parts of files and folders.

But when I run it on my FAT32, dual boot transition partition (hehe), it causes
my computer (Pentium 4, 3,2 GHz) to freeze. I vaguely remember seeing some
message before it freezes saying "Locking from myself" or something like that,
this is not recorded into /var/log/messages.

It is very annoying actually because to rename a bunch of files I first have to copy them to my UFS2 partition, run the script, and then copy them back to the
FAT32 partition.

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?


Anyway here is the script.

FAT32 seems to have some limitations on moving and renaming files.

Several years ago I had wrote a program (which ran under Win98) which received
files by UDP in pieces. Once fully assembled it would "MOVE" the files to another director.

That process would bog down. When I tried the same application under WinNT on an NTFS drive it worked OK. I don't know if the problem was in Win 98 or if it is a weakness of the FAT32 design. If the problem is in the FAT32 design there could be problems that even show up under

That's my $0.02

To a man of my poverty, $0.02 is a lot more than what it seems :)

I guess there' s no way around it.

I notice when I copy files, manually one by one, to or from FAT32,
the files end up in uppercase. This is also very annoying,
but something I guess I have to live with.

Take care,

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