Chuck Swiger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Jonathan Horne wrote:
>> is there an email solution that employs some kind of database that stores
>> mail for long term?  id rather not turn on "leave a copy on the server" as
>> this has shown to give poorer and poorer performance over time for me.
> People normally take backups of their machines in order to protect 
> against losing files, including your email.  You should be using IMAP 
> instead of POP3 if you want your email to reside on the server efficiently.

That would be my first reaction, too.  But I suspect there are a lot
of different possible requirements for this kind of storage, and if
you really want to archive everything, keeping it out of your normal
mailboxes would be more efficient and less prone to losing archives
you wanted to keep.  

Most MTAs can be configured to save all mail on the way through, and
I've known people to use procmail to do similar things.  Depends on
why you want the archive.
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