--- Lowell Gilbert
> I'd guess there's more than one thing going on, so
> try to
> eliminate some variables.  In particular, use a
> command-line
> utility to generate audio.  Also, watch for log
> messages,
> and for changes in the output of /dev/sndstat.

I should have thought to check the logs before
posting here. There are error messages in the messages
file. This one is just after I reloaded the module.

May 16 17:58:35 bahamut kernel: pcm0: ac97 link rate
calibration timed out after 1341388 us

And this one is at a seemingly random time.

May 18 19:26:56 bahamut
kernel:pcm0:virtual:0:dsp0.2:play interrupt timeout,
channel dead

There aren't any errors that show up every time I
attempt to play a song, but I'm sure the above two
are related. I have tried using mplayer, which is
command-line based. Currently, /dev/sndstat shows my
soundcard and nothing unusual, even though nothing
will play.

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