On May 20, 2006, at 6:46 PM, Gary Kline wrote:


        A 40G drive that I thought was bad (when trying to install W2K
        on the drive) may be entirely good.  I am trying to avoid having
        to buy a DOS/Win platform.  I've had both W2K and FBSD or Ubuntu
        on this one machine.  For various reasons I need one DOS machine.
        (Already have 7 or 8 *Nix servers.)   The Windows 2000
        "Professional" CD find some other non-Windows partition and
        press "D" and "L" as I will, the installation CD keeps
        complaining.  Eventually I have to hit F3 to quit.  So, nutshell,
        is there any way I can completely remove any trace of *Nix?
        -----I remember having a DOS floppy and typing an undocumented
        MBR \ command that wiped the drive clean of this boot record,
        but this was [mumble] years ago.

        thanks for any tips, y'all,


Looking for delpart.exe?  I've used it, it'll do the trick.


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