I am having problems building firefox from ports.
I have been following this guide: 
to the letter and started to build firefox,
I was in the fluxbox gui at the time and building via
xterm. At which time I clicked on the xterm bar
at the bottom and it closed xterm. I'm guessing it
continued to build because I could see it in the 'ps'
command. When id suspected it had stopped I
tried the "firefox &" command in xterm and it said;

[1] 52812
firefox: command not found

So I then continued to try and re-build it, then
popped up plenty of file checks and then
Building for cairo-1.0.4_1
followed by a bunch of file names and then error code 1
in the folder of the port. I looked on the net and others
have had problems building cairo while trying to
build firefox but i cant figure it out alone, being new
to nix. As the guide states i havent touched a whole
lot that would conttibute to this, basically just an install,
a build and install of xorg and editing a few lines of various
config files to allow for different things.
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