I  have an older PC (Siemens PC100) and  he has an 2 ide controllers.
I have installed FreeBSD 4.4 and it works no Problems.
Then I would upgrade to 4.6 or 4.6.2 or 4.7. And after Fails i treid an
new installion
When  I  boot from floppy  the ata disk controllers where decteted
korrkt as ata0 and ata1 and the disk can be accessed.
After an reboot from Disk the BTX-loder and bootstrap loader work well.
But the Kernel doesn't detect the two controllers as ata0 and ata1
instead he detect
ata2 and ata3. after that he can't mount ad0s1a because he doesen't
detetect any ad-Devices.

Kind regards and happy new year


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