On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 01:01:23PM +0100, Howard Jones wrote:
> Moving on with my automated installs, I want to build some additional 
> packages into the FTP area of my install server, which was seeded from 
> the 6.1-RELEASE ISOs.
> The "FreeBSD Release Engineering for Third Party Software Packages" 
> document on the FreeBSD website says that the release-building process 
> uses a script called print-cdrom-packages.sh to produce the list of 
> packages to build. However, my source tree doesn't have this script, and 
> a look in CVS suggests that it's no longer in use, and hasn't been since 
> March 2005 (Revision 1.71, Mon Mar 21 19:19:24 2005 UTC - Retire 
> print-cdrom-packages.sh as it has been replaced.).
> Is there any current documentation for how the package building process 
> is done? Or am I looking at the wrong URL? 
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/releng-packages/article.html
> Ultimately, I'll want to rebuild all the packages, so just getting the 
> few extras I need right now doesn't really help. I intend to use 'make 
> release' to keep a 6_RELENG install with fairly current packages 
> available for new servers, so I don't need to do so much rebuilding 
> immediately after a fresh install.
> Thanks in advance for any pointers, or even any "don't do that, do this 
> instead"-type advice.

There's now a python script somewhere in release/ that replaced it and
does a better job.  It should be easy to find, and once you have it
can you submit a PR requesting the article be updated?


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