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Searched through the cvs & stable mailing lists, as well as
in /usr/ports/UPDATING, & couldn't find any instance of anyone
having problems updating the foomatic-db port. After the initial
failure to update, I looked at the Makefile & that seems to be
the problem, where it's trying to download from. Below is the
output of portversion -l "<" along with the output when trying
to update, portupgrade -arR. And, the pertinent section of the
Makefile is appended also:

(output of portversion -l "<")
foomatic-db                 <

(script output of portupgrade -arR)
- --->  Upgrading 'foomatic-db-20050309' to 'foomatic-db-20060506'
- --->  Building '/usr/ports/print/foomatic-db'
===>  Cleaning for perl-5.8.8
===>  Cleaning for gmake-3.80_2
===>  Cleaning for automake-1.5_2,1
===>  Cleaning for autoconf-2.59_2
===>  Cleaning for libxml2-2.6.24_1
===>  Cleaning for curl-7.15.3
===>  Cleaning for gettext-0.14.5_2
===>  Cleaning for autoconf-2.53_3
===>  Cleaning for m4-1.4.4
===>  Cleaning for help2man-1.36.4_1
===>  Cleaning for pkgconfig-0.20_2
===>  Cleaning for libiconv-1.9.2_2
===>  Cleaning for libtool-1.5.22_2
===>  Cleaning for p5-gettext-1.05_1
===>  Cleaning for foomatic-db-20060506
Attempting to check out from pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:
cvs [checkout aborted]: reading from server: Connection reset by peer
CVS checkout failed.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/print/foomatic-db.
** Command failed [exit code 1]: /usr/bin/script -qa
/tmp/portupgrade31060.52 make
** Fix the problem and try again.
- --->  Skipping 'print/foomatic-db-hpijs' (foomatic-db-hpijs-1.4) because a
requisite package 'foomatic-db-20050309' (print/foomatic-db) failed
(specify -k to force)
** Listing the failed packages (*:skipped / !:failed)
        ! print/foomatic-db (foomatic-db-20050309)      (unknown build error)
        * print/foomatic-db-hpijs (foomatic-db-hpijs-1.4)
- --->  Packages processed: 0 done, 237 ignored, 1 skipped and 1 failed
- ----------------------------------------------
(section of foomatic-db Makefile in question)

CVS_CMD?=       cvs -z3
CVS_SITES?=     pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/lib/cvs
CVS_BRANCH=     foomatic-3_0-branch     # STABLE
CVS_MODULE=     foomatic-db
- ----------------------------------------------

I know I can use the -k switch to force, but I didn't know if it was
a good idea or not. I edited several lines of the output of the commands
in order not to wrap in the message to the list. Thanks for any help on
this problem.

Denny White

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