At 07:37 PM 21/05/2006, Marwan Sultan wrote:

 No when I enabled quota I did the configuration on /usr
 shall i enable it on /var to?
then how to make the sendmail or the shell reads the user quota on his home directory and
 his /var/mail/$username ?

It all depends on how you have it mounted. Quotas follow the partition. So if you have /var/mail as its own partition, you need to do it there. If you have /var/mail as a subdirectory of /var than do it on /var.

What is the contents of /etc/fstab on the box ?

if webmin can read the home directory quota and add to it the /var/mail/$userInbox size
 then for sure I can do it some how?

I dont use webmin so I am not sure how it calculates things.

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