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Hi all

I want to use pf (actually I use ipfw).

Well after I read the openbsd book, I always don't known how can I log the
log of pf (with pflog) using syslog and I don't want (if it's possible) to
write anything in my hard-disk (event it's temporaly, because it's virtual
disk, I'm running vmware).



When you write your rules, you put "log" in them..

pass in quick log proto tcp from any to any keep state

then you have to have pflogd started(pflog_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf).

When pflog is started your binary log is lcated on /var/log/pflog

you can read it witH:
tcpdump -n -t -r /var/log/pflog

if you want real time(because pflog is where is written with some delay)
tcpdump -n -t -i pflog0
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