The best way to use Maple (I don't have maple 8, my versions 9, 9.5 and 10)
is to run maple without java by typing :

                xmaple -cw

(cw mean : classic worksheet)

Hi --

Thanks for trying to help. My question refereed to the fact that, at
least on my official CD, there is no such FLEXim script for Unix such
as the documentation (Handbook) refers to.

The information apparently is outdated, or I got sold a different CD
(I said I specifically would run it in Linux at the time).

I know it's possible to install it. Maybe Maple 8 is a lost cause.
However, the NetBSD people claimed to have it installed under binary
emulation. Their documentatio too is unsatisfactory in this respect.

Would you care to share your experience in installing Maple ? It
would be greatly appreciated.

Right now, I would prefer not to have to buy another license, because
they're expensive, and just stick to Maple 8 for a bit more, but since
Maplesoft's support for FreeBSD is non-existent (and even for Linux it
kind of sucks)...

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