We have a 4.4-RELEASE server in production running primarily MySQL
which, under extremely heavy loads, puts a lot of

/kernel: file: table is full

errors into the syslog. Newsgroup posts all seem to prescribe 'sysctl -w
kern.maxfiles=[big number]', but I haven't seen any guidelines for the
value of 'big'. Assume I get excited and do 'sysctl -w
kern.maxfiles=9999999999'. What will happen as I open more and more
files? Is there a formula for calculating good values of 'big' (eg, MB
RAM * SQL_MAX_CONNECTIONS * Pi)? Or do I just keep increasing it until
it's 'big enough'?

Increasing the value (which I've done) indeed fixes the problem, but
I've yet to see a rationale for the stated values people are using and
there *must* be a reason for the defaults (anybody know what it is?).


Michael Wimpee
Network Technician
Natural Bodycare

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