On Mon, 2006-May-22 16:35:28 -0500, Jeff Cross wrote:
>Is there anyway I can apply the DRM updates w/o upgrading my system to

One approach is to maintain your own CVS repo (via CTM or CVSup) and
then you can easily change the tags on different parts of the tree:
You do a 'cvs co -rRELENG_6_1' and then 'cvs co -rRELENG_6' in

>  I would really like to maintain my system with freebsd-update
>and not have to compile every time a security update comes out.

Running FreeBSD update means you must run a stock system with no local mods.

>  I run
>FreeBSD on my laptop and compile times can run a little long.

Let it compile overnight.

Peter Jeremy
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