Bruce Campbell said:

>  - try UDMA100 with the drives directly attached (ie. no removable tray) -
> maybe try a non onboard IDE controller

yes I would reccomend a PCI ide controller, such as the Promise ATA/100, or
Promise ATA/66. Also be sure your IDE cables are 18" and not 24" or 32" some
people like to go crazy with overly long IDE cables. Sometimes for me longer
then 18" and I get CRC errors(but nothing fatal).

>  - shuffle the disks to see if the problems follow the disks or not
> At present, I don't suspect bad media because the error message is "WRITE
> command timeout tag=0 serv=0" which doesn't suggest a specific
> sector/track etc, and running with UDMA33 instead of UDMA100 makes the
> problem  appear to vanish.

I read your burn in procedures, a couple additions to throw in I'd


I've only tried it on linux but the page lists *BSD too. This package
also includes a memory tester, I usually run 1 CPUburn process per CPU
and as many memory testers as I have RAM. If you try to load too many
the newest process will segfault(since it can't allocate memory), harmless.
Run this for at least 24 hours.


when you boot it, go to the options screen and turn on all tests, and run
it through once or twice, with your system I'd expect 1 pass of all tests
to be done in about 20 hours.

most of my servers that run IDE have DMA/33 controllers, the few that have
faster ones all use Promise ATA/100 cards or 3ware 6800 series raid cards.
I haven't trusted recent AMD/VIA/Intel IDE chips for a while.


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