I have 2 NICS in the master node of a small cluster.
bge0 is connected to the outside world with a FQDN
and registered DNS IP address.  bge1 is connected to
a 192.168.0.x internal network.  I'm trying to configure
NIS for the internal network, but ypinit is grabbing the
FQDN.  I've read the Handbook and ypinit manual page
without too much enlightment. :(

What I'm after is      NIS master server      NIS slave server
192.168.0.[12-15] NIS clients

Anyone have a pointer to a method to achieve my goals.

I would _strongly_ suggest that you run you firewall from another
machine instead of using you NIS master for this. This really is
Security 101 :)
Check out OpenBSD with pf for this purpose or use a Cisco PIX (you can
find several on eBay).

But if you don't want/can do this, why don't you setup a jail for you
NIS master? You can bind the jail to the RFC 1918 IP address range.
Therefore, starting up ypbind inside the jail would only see the
192.168.0/24 network and bind to it. See jail(8), jls(8) and jexec(8).
You might also want to check mount_nullfs(8) to help you with the
jail's ports tree. If you need help with the jail setup, feel free to
email me off the list.


David Robillard
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