Iantcho Vassilev wrote:
Not really, we have a large system which required little coding except
for script tools.

We have two FreeBSD servers as public gateways running Sendmail +
Milter-Ahead + MailScanner. These 'gateways' scan mail for viruses and
then forward the delivery on to three toasters which are FreeBSD servers
running qmail + vpopmail + Spamd + SquirrelMail.

Why you have chosed sendmail on the "gateways"?
What are the advangtages..i think it is not the speed?

I've used Sendmail, Postfix, and qmail. Sendmail is the MTA the author of MailScanner has the most experience with, so I used it as well.

In my situation, all mail is pushed back out via static routes in mailertable to toasters. Sendmail is doing nothing but filling an in-queue, and emptying an out-queue. Pretty simple stuff, everything is inbound, speed has not been an issue.


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