Charles Howse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE, cups-, HP 1100 LaserJet

I've found quite a bit of information about how to deal with:
"Interrupt storm detected in "irq7:"; throttling interrupt source"

Problem is, it's a little confusing.
From what I've gathered, the options are:
Use the BIOS to set the printer port to ECP,
Use lptcontrol to set the port to polled mode,
Use device.hints to do both

IIRC, in the past, I have used lptcontrol to set polled mode, but that resulted in:
"too many stray irq7's, not logging any more"

Can anyone suggest a method to make both "interrupt storm" and "too many stray irq7's" go away?

I always set to EPP in BIOS and device.hints to 0x24 (used to compile into kernel pre 5.X). (I suspect one or the other would do, and ECP would do instead of EPP, or 0x28 instead of 0x24). Haven't had an interrupt storm or stray interrupt since. man ppc for the flags to use and get into practice converting hex to binary and vice versa :-) Never used lptcontrol.


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