Joe Auty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On May 22, 2006, at 8:27 PM, Michael P. Soulier wrote:
>> On 5/22/06, Joe Auty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Starting up Mailman on one machine I'm on produces the following
>>> error message (see below). For some reason, this is not a problem
>> Test your python installation. Try
>> python -c 'import sys; print sys.path'
>> See which python interpreter this is, /usr/local/bin/python most
>> likely, and make sure that mailman is using this python.
> I'm not sure how to determine what Python Mailman is using, but the  
> only Python I've installed on the system is from FreeBSD ports,  
> unless some other software bundles its own...
> Here is the output of the command printed above:
> $ python -c 'import sys; print sys.path'
> ['', '/usr/local/lib/', '/usr/local/lib/python2.4', '/usr/ 
> local/lib/python2.4/plat-freebsd5', '/usr/local/lib/python2.4/lib- 
> tk', '/usr/local/lib/python2.4/lib-dynload', '/usr/local/lib/ 
> python2.4/site-packages']
> I don't have a /usr/local/bin/python in there. Is that my problem?

That's where the ports would install it, so that does sound like a
problem.   Look at "which python" and "pkg_info|grep python".
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