Le 22/05/2006 à 18:14:08-0300, Henry Lenzi a écrit
> >The best way to use Maple (I don't have maple 8, my versions 9, 9.5 and 10)
> >is to run maple without java by typing :
> >
> >                xmaple -cw
> >
> >(cw mean : classic worksheet)
> Hi --
> Thanks for trying to help. My question refereed to the fact that, at
> least on my official CD, there is no such FLEXim script for Unix such
> as the documentation (Handbook) refers to.
> The information apparently is outdated, or I got sold a different CD
> (I said I specifically would run it in Linux at the time).
> I know it's possible to install it. Maybe Maple 8 is a lost cause.
> However, the NetBSD people claimed to have it installed under binary
> emulation. Their documentatio too is unsatisfactory in this respect.
> Would you care to share your experience in installing Maple ? It
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Right now, I would prefer not to have to buy another license, because
> they're expensive, and just stick to Maple 8 for a bit more, but since
> Maplesoft's support for FreeBSD is non-existent (and even for Linux it
> kind of sucks)...
I don't have the best install method : 

Personnaly (maybe it's stupid method but it's work) :

        1/ I've get a Linux box (with a officila support by MapleSoft, like
        Fedora or something like that).

        2/ I install the Maple on this Linux Box on something like

        You can install or not install flexlm depend what's kind of
        licensce  you have.

        3/ If you must install flexlm install it

        4/ Make 

                tar cvf maple.tar /usr/local/maple-8

        copy this tar file on your freebsd box

        untar it in /usr/local (or where you want)

        Modify the file


        [root]$ diff maple.system.type maple.system.type.orig 
        <         MAPLE_BIN="bin.IBM_INTEL_LINUX"
        >         MAPLE_BIN="FAIL"

        Do exactly same thing for flexlm if you need.


NB: Don't buy Maple-10, it's not working on 5.2/5.4/6.1

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