Noah wrote:

Well I want to get IMAP running on my FreeBSD box and would like to have a
safe, non service-interrupting strategy to implementing it.  I am leaning
toward installing cyrus imapd.  I have some questions about how to get things

I like courier-imap. The set-up is easy and it has been 100% reliable for me on a bunch of different servers. It has never lost a message or dropped a core file. It uses maildir format out of the box, which I view as a significant advantage.

Installing it from ports (/usr/ports/mail/courier-imap) is pretty straightforward, and most settings can be left at the default, at least until you get comfortable with it. There is lots'o'doc at at should you need it.

I first set it up years ago, it's in use all day every day, and the only thing I've ever had to do it to it is portupgrade.

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