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>   Hello,
> I have FreeBSD 6.1 and PostgreSQL 8.1.3 installed. I had to change the 
> pg_hba.conf settings, because I need to open the 5432 port for everyone 
> (SSL enabled). For this reason, I also gave strong passwords for all 
> postgresql users. Now this is what I see in the daily run output 
> (/usr/local/etc/periodic/daily/502.pgsql):
> vacuuming...
> Password: 
> vacuumdb: could not connect to database postgres: fe_sendauth: no password 
> supplied
> Errors were reported during vacuum.

I've created a .pgpass file in /root (which is read only by
root) containing the password for the pgsql user. A quick
Google on "pgpass" turned up this content from


This file should have the format:


Any of these may be a literal name, or *, which matches
anything. The first match will be used so put more specific
entries first. Entries with : or \ should be escaped with \.

The permissions on .pgpass must disallow any access to world or
group; achieve this by the command chmod 0600 .pgaccess. If the
permissions are less strict than this, the file will be

> This is my pg_hba.conf file:
> # "local" is for Unix domain socket connections only
> local   all         all                               ident     sameuser
> host    all         all          md5
> hostssl all         all       md5
> The autovacuum script was packaged for FreeBSD, so I assume this is a 
> FreeBSD specific thing. My question is: why ident/sameuser not working 
> here? How can I enable auto vacuums without storing the password in the 
> periodic/daily/502.pgsql  script?

I'm not familiar with the "sameuser" directive, presumably this
prohibits a system user from logging in as a user in the
database with a different name? If this is the case, I don't
imagine the solution I've described above will help resolve
this issue.

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